Ways To Get a Girl To Like You

May as well face the facts - trying to find ways to get a girl to like you can be like trying to find that proverbial needle in the haystack. It's difficult to say the least. But it's not rocket science either!

That being said, we can still try our best to find ways of attracting a girl's attention. We can begin by laying some groundwork. This will give us a solid foundation on which to build a relationship with the object of our affection.

Laying the groundwork is a combination of creating sexual tension, building rapport and flirting.
Create sexual tension by interjecting sexual innuendos and stories. No vulgarity - that will get you nowhere. Start slow and be subtle. The point of creating sexual tension is to make her see you as a sexual being. If you are just starting to pursue her as a love interest or if you are already "friends", this is an important step. At this stage she probably is NOT seeing you in a sexual light. 

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Another easy way of creating sexual tension is by touching her. Once again, start slow and be subtle. Without being too obvious, brush up against her occasionally. She will notice without being offended. While navigating through a crowd, hold her hand. Squeeze it gently.

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Build rapport with her by seeking common interests. Do this by asking personal questions and offering personal tidbits of your own. Before long you will find one or two points of interest. This new discovery will fuel future conversations and provide myriad opportunities for dating scenarios.

Flirt with her. This does not mean using cheesy, worn-out pick-up lines or insincere compliments. Flirting is more genuine than that. It may be helpful to think of flirting as a "mating ritual."

Flirting should be natural, almost automatic. This way it won't appear to be scripted or preplanned.
Above all, have fun with it.

Flirting, if done correctly, involves the use of effective body language, subtle sexual touching, playful banter and, of course, humor.

All of these methods are easy ways to get a girl to like you and should be used interchangeably. Each girl is different but a certain measure of success should be attained through the careful application of these tips.

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